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Welcome to your Energy Coach

 Hi and welcome to your Energy Coach

as an Energy coach I will:

-Help you understand why you are the creator of your life, even if you don't realise it, and how you can be the concious creator, so that you can take control and have the life you love.

-Help you change your way of thinking, so that your life will change.

-Help you change your underlying beliefs.

-Give you techniques and daily practises to immediately improve your life, now.

Change the way we look at the world and the world we look at changes"


as a Reiki Master I will:


  • Help you overcome ailments, illnesses, pains, sadness, depression, give you a boost, help you relax.
  • Reiki works from within, it works on emotions to help the physical symptoms. 


 Reiki is an ancient form of healing through energy. It brings harmony to the mind, body and spirit by rebalancing the chakras, or energy centres of our body. When one of these is unbalanced or blocked it can result in emotional or physical symptoms, depending on the chakra. As a reiki practitionner I enable energy to flow into you and help your body to rebalance and heal itself. Reiki naturally increases our energy's vibration and clients often say how much more positive they feel after a treatment.